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Loobylou Candles



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The RITUAL collection is about creating intentional ritual as a way of honouring the moments; all of them. The space between the pause; the frantic necessary and the ordinary and mundane. The things we take for granted; and times we’ve lost and let go, it all matters. The quiet of stillness, the revelations of intuition, the bravery of leaping, and the trust it takes to love yourself or another, moving through these moments with open, honest intention reframes it from task, to ritual. A ceremony if you will, dedicated to you, and your moments unspoken.

TRUST   Crystal: Rhodonite

 Infused with: Jasmine, Citrus + Green Tea


LEAP   Crystal: Bloodstone

Infused with: Coffee Bean, Clove + Cardamom


STILL  Crystal: Green Aventurine

Infused with: Lavender, Sage + Rosemary


REVEAL  Crystal: Red Jasper Infused with: Rose, Patchouli + Black Pepper