Who are You Loobylou?

Candles with conscience, hand-poured in Australia.

Loobylou is driven by a love of candles and inspired by the connection between emotion and fragrance. We believe in treading gently on the earth, hand-crafting natural products of the highest quality. We celebrate the artistry and originality of candle making.

We carefully create our own custom blended fragrances. Our philosophy is to not offer a pre-mixed product, and months go into creating the right balance for each and every candle. Our range is hand poured here in our Sydney studio using only the highest quality natural soy wax. It won t release toxins or harm the environment, and it burns cooler and longer than its evil petro-chemical cousin, paraffin. All our wicks are 100% lead-free cotton to ensure a safe and stable burn.We refuse to add any chemical stabilisers, emulsifiers or flame retardants to our candles. Our oils are a blend of the highest quality perfume-grade fragrance and essential oils. We're not in the business of compromising anyone's health and wellbeing for profit. All our candle vessels have been designed with re-use in mind, and our beautiful showroom is finished with at least 90% reclaimed fixtures and fittings.

Loobylou was conceived during the life-affirming cancer journey of our founder Kere M Baker. Kere is motivated by what she is putting out there, both to the outside world and her inner world. Sharing her love of fragrance and candle making is Kere s contribution to making the world a little brighter.

Burning a candle isn t only about making your room smell amazing. The act of lighting a candle, taking a moment to make your space a little more beautiful, is a ritual that ignites an intention. Each candle includes a quote for you to contemplate as you light the wick, sending a positive thought into the world.This being the intent of Loobylou; they are truly candles with conscience.

“It took four of us (with special gloves) to move the rainbow into view. Once we had, we sat back down to eat our sandwiches. We all agreed they tasted much better now we could see the pretty colours."    - Noel Fielding


LifeInStyle Melbourne 2023.. Videography credit True South Film


One from the archives... with the lovely Kylie Lewis / Of Kin for LifeInstyle   August 2016