Our Core Materials

We’ve waxed lyrical (hahaha get it?) about the products we use in production, and this ranges from our glassware choices to our wicks, to our wax and oils. We use no additives, stabilisers, flame retardants or anything other than the best natural products we can find. If you’re interested, here’s more info…  

Our oils, and why we don't use just essential oils.

At Loobylou we carefully create our own blends, and months can go into creating the right formulation of any given candle. Our oils are a blend of perfume grade fragrant oils, and essential oils. There's a few reasons we do it like this, and it's all about the result, as evidenced in our range.

In general, fragrance oils work better in candles than essential oils, the reason being that many are fine-tuned for the type of wax, whereas essential oils are fixed in composition, and can be unstable in a natural wax blend. The being said, a large proportion of fragrant oils are comprised using essential oil products to begin with.

The important consideration is that the fragrance oils we use are no different to say a high quality designer perfume, so if you're looking for a candle that produces a beautiful fragrance, and is safe enough for skin contact - this is them.

We spend months, years even, looking for the 'perfect' oil, as opposed to the most easily accessible oils. For this reason, our oils are sourced the world over and we work with 5 different manufacturers and suppliers of fragrant and essential oils. Even now there's still a few scents we would love to include in our line, but we don't think they're a true enough representation of the fragrance.

The flash point, in many essential oils, is quite low and as an ignition source a candle can easily catch on fire. We want no part of your home going up in flames, and putting you or your family in any kind of risk. Most conscientious wax and oil suppliers are now making it very clear that a candle with only essential oils is not safe. 

Scent throw. It's just better with a blend. Look at it like we are taking the best of both worlds. We genuinely do source the best and the truest of oils right across the Loobylou range. 

Environmental effects. Some essential oils are derived simply by gently pressing the natural product and distilling the resulting oil. Most are harvested using somewhat harsher methods such as heating, mashing and steaming. Many are extracted using powerful solvents which create harmful by-products, requiring disposal. The resulting essential oil can contain residues of this process which render them a long way from the original botanical product.

Cost. While is seems like a candle is often more natural, or organic when using essential oils, the truth isn't always so. Firstly, unless two materials are in perfect harmony - they can create hideous byproducts, or potential ignition risk as above. We do a LOT of testing and trialling here at HQ, and we costed a couple of our fragrances using only essential oils. Loobylou has been all about bringing you the best possible product for a reasonable price. There are a limited number of people prepared to spend the equivalent of a magnum of Veuve Clicquot on a single candle!

Eco-Soy Wax

Biodegradable and free from pesticides or herbicides.

Contains no genetically modified material.

Manufactured using pure soy beans and contains no petroleum (paraffin waxes).

Manufactured according to sustainability and renewable resource management principles.

Cleans up easily with soap and warm /hot water and soap. eliminating the need for harsh solvents. We choose re-usable vessels with the hope that the jars come in handy for you in another form.

Every gram of wax is analysed in a state of the art laboratory to assure its quality. Only after receiving a Certificate of Analysis guaranteeing a high, consistent standard does any wax leave the manufacturer.

Although we would like to call the wax Organic, by process of the change from liquid to wax state this rules out the classification, what we can say is that if you are looking for an Eco-friendly wax then the waxes use are the global leader in this field. If you want a premium soy candle, and we want to provide one - this wax is the only choice for Loobylou.