YES fundraiser candle

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We made a few of these over the weekend, not for sale, but just to make a visible stance within our own workplaces. After posting it to instagram, we've been inundated with requests by people wishing to purchase. We've decided to, and to do it to raise funds for several reasons...

1) This campaign is important to us. This is an issue too close to too many close to us, and to you. Any platform that raises awareness, and fosters support for love and acceptance right now is a platform or soapbox worth standing on in my opinion. 

2) We raised our daughter to believe that love knows no bias, gender, race, colour or religion. We stand by this, and reserve the right as parents to walk her down the aisle to her future wife or  husband whenever the time comes. That's her choice - not the governments. We just want her to know love - that's our role as her parents. 

3) I, (Kere) can't vote - and this upsets me, and is nothing more than procrastination about changing citizenship. I've lived in this country more than half my life, and this beautiful country literally gave me back my life. This is my home now, and it's difficult feeling like I don't have a voice. This is on me, and this will change.

4) Why not use this as an opportunity to foster and assist change. Why not be a business willing to show you who we are, and who we proudly support. We will donate $5.00 from every single sale of this candle to an LGBTQ+ charity as yet undecided. We'd like your help with this, and would love your suggestions as to who to forward this to. Being parents, youth charities appeal to us, but we are open to all suggestions. 

Here's how it works: You just order this candle (it's our 350ml) in either black or white, and in the comments simply tell us your favourite Loobylou scent you wish us to make this in. We generally pour fresh to order, so we will have it on the way within the week. 

Then light your candle lovers, and shine. Don't hide your light under a bushel and let no one tell you otherwise!