Moon Survival Room Spray

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moon survival candle + room spray:

Your handmade candle and crystal infused room spray are created with magickal intent using the same sacred ingredients and properties. They are intended to support the cleansing and clearing of your environment, then reinforcing a safe space for connection, manifestation and protection.

During times it may be unsuitable to use a smudge, simply spritz the room, saying your chosen spell, prayer or affirmation. Your spray features intuitively selected crystal chips, and along with your candle have been handmade with intent created using the following:

ROSE : Symbolic of a personal sacred soul journey. Linked with knowledge and love of self and others.

CACAO : An offering to the Divine, creating a sanctified and blessed space. Helps manifest desire.

AMBER : Connects you with ancestors, spirit and ancient earth energy. Assists in removing negative energy away.

VANILLA : Enhances feelings of inner peace, comfort and calm.

ORMUS : (ORMES) Thought to be superconductors allowing clearer cell-to-cell communication.


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