'Little Lady' (baby powder, strawberry, lotus blossom + vanilla bean)

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A soft, powdery yet floral fragrance reminiscent of all things nice - hand picked flowers, freshly picked strawberries from tiny little 'fingins' (fingers)and warm snuggly hugs. Vanilla low notes with a touch of rose and berry, hits of lotus blossom taking centre stage. A very feminine scent, perfect for little and big ladies alike. A very subtle, gentle candle - perfect for little noses, but strong enough to evoke memories of love, laughter and childhood.


Little affirmation poems featured on each product with the aim to uplift and inspire. These have been written by Loobylou founder, Kere M Baker. As such, full copyright is declared and asserted, and can not be used, copied or sold without prior written permission. ©️ 2018 Kere M Baker



We’ve made you this special and magical spray,

to keep all your worst fears and worries away.

whenever you spray this with wonder you’ll know,

It’s got love, hope and wishes to help as you grow!



We’ve made you this candle to help light your way,

It has hopes, dreams And wishes for your wonder and play.

It can light up the dark and will help you to see,

How important you are, and how special to Me!



We made you these sticks to smell as you doze.

To remind you to trust yourself, and follow your nose.

Inside you is everything you ever could need,

If you always do your best, you will always succeed.