Elements Collection (Earth. Air. Fire. Water.)

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The ancients believed that the World was composed of 4 basic elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth. These were considered the critical energy forces that sustained life and consciousness both within, and outside us all.

Each person can be more attuned to some elements over others, but they all, and we all co-exist. It is believed that maintaining a connection with each of these elements works to ensure physical, spiritual and emotional balance. 


Loobylou is driven by a love of candles and inspired by the connection between emotion and fragrance. We believe in treading gently on the Earth, crafting natural products of the highest quality.

Soy wax is a natural product, and won’t release toxins. It also burns longer than its evil petro-chemical cousin, paraffin. We use only the highest quality pure soy wax and will not add any stabilisers, emulsifiers, flame retardants or chemicals to our candles. We only use 100% cotton(lead-free) wicks ensuring a safe and stable burn. 

We carefully create our own blends, and many months can go into achieving the perfect balance for any given candle. Our oils are a blend of the highest quality perfume grade fragrance and essential oils. Our glass vessels and lids have been designed with re-use in mind.

To us burning a candle isn’t just about making your room smell amazing, we see the act of lighting a candle as a ritual that ignites an intention. Each candle is made with the inention that in the moment of lighting your candle, you are putting something beautiful out into the universe.

Loobylou candles look handmade because they are. We’re not in the business of compromising anyone’s health and well being for profit. This being the intent of Loobylou, they truly are candles with conscience.