Y O U ' R E . L I K E . A . P R O M I S E (Rosewood, Clove, Tuberose, Bourbon Vanilla, Sandalwood, White Amber)

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While we've done a lot of Artist collaborations, white labelling and custom scents in our time, this is the first time Loobylou founder, Kere M Baker was the Exhibiting Artist! It's the first solo in ten years for Kere, so you could say this has been a long time coming.

The candles and scents were blended to capture the essence of energy of the piece they were describing, with scent being the final layer in the body of work titled, 'Succubus or Muse.' As with all Loobylou fragrances, the scents are blended in house and held in pure Eco-soy wax. They are 350ml, and come boxed with the featured artwork on the front. 

The Artworks themselves were created to a very specific body of music, and the scents are created in accordance with that piece. Kere talks a lot about the 'transference of energy' of makers, and how that translates to the resulting product (or in this case Artwork).

This time the transference was intentional, and the Exhibition was a conscious decision of growth, self exploration, exploring the themes of conflict and contrast. The result is a fascinating crossover of creative outlets and combined energy of both the art and the fragrances created to support it. 

To see more of Kere's work, visit www.redolivestudios.com