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Loobylou Candles

Art Series By Loobylou

Art Series By Loobylou

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Among one of our own greatest sources of inspiration and connection here at HQ, is undoubtedly Art and Artists. We believe Art to be among the purest and most honest forms of communication. Artists have always taken my breath away with their personal bravery communicating what and how they see the world, and then sharing that with us. This project was born of the desire to support our local Arts community, with this very small batch of prototypes done with the partial support of Northern Beaches Council aiming to support their local creative community finds ways to pivot at the start of Covid-19. 

Our goal is to find a way to provide the Artist with a possible add on product for future exhibitions and events, and share support within our mutual incredible networks. We understand that people may not always have the means for original art, but this could be a way to show support for the Artist while you wait for your very own future original piece. Our aim for this trial project is to share the work of some of our favourite Northern Beaches locals,  with the hope that you go on to follow and support their work well beyond the length of your candle burning. This is our way of researching the viability of this option as a permanent offering, and we would very much love to hear your feedback!

The back of each box feature a little bio provided by the Artist, along with the name of the piece featured, and contact details to reach and follow them directly. We would love to see images of you supporting the project, and hope you go on to support these legends for many years to come. Remember these are prototypes, some of them have maybe 1-2 product actual attached, and may never be repeated, so don't miss out. 

Share your support and photos and tag:
# (name of artist) 

Loobylou is driven by a love of candles and inspired by the connection between fragrance, emotion and memory. We create all our own scents, blending perfume grade fragrance and essential oils, to offer you a unique sensory experience. We are cruelty-free and vegan friendly, making and blending by hand in our Sydney studio. Our products are tested on us, NEVER on animals – because, nope. We believe in treading gently on the Earth, crafting natural products of the highest quality.

To us, burning a candle isn’t just about making your room smell amazing, we see the act of lighting a candle as a ritual that ignites an intention. Each candle has a quote we offer so that in the moment of lighting your candle, you are putting something beautiful out into the universe. It’s about you, and the moment of pause you are creating.