CLEANSE (Ritual Body Wash)

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The RITUAL collection is about creating intentional ritual as a way of honouring the moments; all of them. The space between the pause; the frantic necessary and the ordinary and mundane. The things we take for granted; and times we’ve lost and let go, it all matters. The quiet of stillness, the revelations of intuition, the bravery of leaping, and the trust it takes to love yourself or another, moving through these moments with open, honest intention reframes it from task, to ritual. A ceremony if you will, dedicated to you, and your moments unspoken.

This collection has been created with intent using sacred ingredients and properties, supported by ancient ritual practices. Designed to enhance your own ritual practice by cleansing and clearing your personal and physical space. Take this time for preparation and self care to create and reinforce your safe space for connection. This moment before, and/or after your ritual practice sets the space for intention, manifestation and ultimately self reflection and protection.

Your hand+body wash provides a luxurious and superior lather, using the most gentle, cleansing and moisturising ingredients we could source. Our formula is perfectly pH-balanced to soothe and prepare even the most sensitive skin. Blended with our own Loobylou scents, you can also try your wash as a bubble bath for a relaxing, moisturising soak. PS: A little goes a long way!

We are very proudly free from Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Palm Oil and PEGs. We are Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free and totally Vegan safe! All of our products tested on humans we know, NEVER animals