Moon Survival Manifestation Bath Soak

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ROSE : Symbolic of a personal sacred soul journey. Linked with knowledge and love of self and others.

CACAO : An offering to the Divine, creating a sanctified and blessed space. Helps manifest desire.

AMBER : Connects you with ancestors, spirit and ancient earth energy. Assists in removing negative energy away.

VANILLA : Enhances feelings of inner peace, comfort and calm.

ORMUS : (ORMES) Thought to be superconductors allowing clearer cell-to-cell communication.


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Your handmade bath salts have been created with magickal intent using sacred ingredients and properties, with the support of ancient ritual practice.  Intended to support the cleansing and clearing of your environment, then reinforcing a safe space for connection, manifestation and ultimately self reflection and protection. 

Add anything between a few tablespoons to a half-cup into a warm bath, stirring until dissolved.Lie down, breathe deeply, and relax, focusing on your chosen spell, prayers or affirmation. 

Used together, or even individually, the elements provided in this kit assist with calling upon, and utilising the powerful energy of the moon. Use the energy to provide you with clarity should you desire, and closure if that is what your soul requires most. The most important thing we want to share, is to trust yourself, your intuition, and your ability to heal yourself. Find rituals and practices that feel right for you.

You’ve got this.


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