Custom Candles (In Memory)

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Having been asked a lot as to whether we make an In Memoriam candles, it took a conversation with a grieving Mum for this to come to light. While we've always done them, we've never talked about it, and when she asked me why I answered honestly. It felt gauche and I was worried it would appear as marketing to profit from grief. 

This wonderful woman made me realise that burning a good quality candle is in fact supporting someone in their grief, and they too should have access to quality during this time. I knew she was right, because my love of the candle flame has supported me in times of loss, hurt and pause in my own life. 

Unlike the other custom options we now offer, we are subsiding this particular text option, so that in some small way our hearts can hold you a little during this time, and treat this product with the great love and dignity it deserves. 

In the comments section, let us know which of our 14 classics scents you've chosen, and which colour vessel. We will then call or email you to discuss further, exchange photo's, discuss text, fonts and custom requirements. 

Please see some examples below, however your item will be bespoke to meet your needs. Due to the custom nature of this product, please allow 10-14 days from finalisation of graphic.