After years of being asked to release a memorial candle publicly, and only doing it privately, a recent interaction stopped me in my tracks. I was asked by the mother of someone mourning her precious little boy, why I didn't provide this. I replied honestly, that I didn't know how to promote a memorial candle with the utmost respect I felt it deserved, without seeming like I was profiting from grief. 

This wonderful woman made me realise that having access to a good quality candle, is actually supporting someone in a time of grief. She pointed out that they're likely burning them anyway, honouring their loved one, and that they needed this. I knew she was right, because I realised that was when my connection to candles was truly born, in a time of loss. Even still, burning a candle for me is about connection - to emotion and memory. It's a ritual act, be it celebrating a clean home, or a pause, or just because you've had a tough day, and the act of lighting triggers calm.

But it is important, and I'm grateful to have my perspective shifted. I'm honoured that in a time you need it, this is a way our hearts can hold you just a little. 


OPTION ONE: Select from one of the printed poems (text only) in any of our Classic scents. You let us know in the comments the name of your loved one, which scent, and if you'd prefer a black or white jar. 

OPTION TWO: Select Custom Option, and email us with any images or text you'd like us to add, and we'll create a custom option for you.

This can take 7-10 days from confirmation, as we're designing and creating this option just for you, and want to be sure we get it right. xxx

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