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No. 1       ‘white musk, myrrh + wild jasmine’

'We are the ones we have been waiting for.'    June Jordan
Perhaps our most layered and intriguing scent in the range, this one is proving a firm favourite around here. The fresh vibrant notes of the jasmine, muddled by the soft warmth of musk and grounded by the deep myrrh.  This makes for highly exotic, warm smoky tones infused with the fresh floral, make this candle like a perfect breeze on a balmy evening. Think warm Hawaiian afternoons, Indonesian evenings or an Australian springtime...This scent re-defines candle fragrance and becomes like the favourite perfume you never get wary of wearing. A truly magical scent.

No. 2          ‘benzoin, tobacco + bourbon whiskey’

‘Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to abandon oneself, to be light.’  Frida Kahlo
Slightly masculine in first impression of notes, but without aggression or cliche. We're redefining the gender roles and why they're even there with this scent. Think of your favourite whiskey lounges and the scent of bygone eras, cigar lounges and quality aftershaves. Think of sexy nightclubs, and slow mornings and revisit that with a touch of gentle androgyny with the layered sultry warmth of benzoin. This is one for the fierce among us, yet gentle and playful of heart.

No.3          ‘peony, mint + pink ginger’

'The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is just tenacity.'   Amelia Earhart
Clean, floral and crisp, this scent is reminiscent of summer where peony and roses abound. With a cool bite from the mint and earthiness from the ginger making this scent as fresh as nature intended, rather than cloying or overtly sweet. The crispness is not sharp or citric, but grounded, packing enough punch to support the floral symphony of the freshest of peony and rose medleys. A scent reminiscent of the days when roses smelled like roses, and we all stopped to smell them with gratitude for the magic of nature they exuded.

No.4                    ‘fig, feijoa + white rose’

'It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.’   Sylvester Stallone
Fig and Feijoa, two similarly shaped, but incredibly different fruits. The subtle taste of a fig belies the strong almost floral fragrance. Feijoa, a sharp fruit, often referred to aptly as 'pineapple guava' is a very unique and earthy, and definitely a dividing scent. Both fruits are softened and sweetened by the gentle white rose, which gives clarity - yet distinction to all three. One of our favourite blends to date, it's already proving to be a crowd pleaser! 

No.5                    ‘lemon myrtle, blue gum + hemp eucalyptus’

'The world breaks everyone, and afterward some are strong at the broken places.'  Ernest Hemingway
One of our most perfect groupings, this brings you the very best of the Australian outback, but the well-rounded sweetness of hemp eucalyptus make this a surprisingly soft fragrance. Entirely unexpected in it's gentle earthy lemony goodness.  A perfect gift of nostalgia and memory, from childhood to later years, this scent encapsulates history, time and journeys of lives well lived.

No.6           ‘bush herbs, clary sage + patchouli’

'You’ve got one tiny moment in time for light to shine … to burn away the darkness.'   Matisyahu
Clary sage, patchouli and bush herbs. Take the clean sharp smell of clary sage, the murky sultry tones of patchouli and the stunning depth of bush herbs (a combination of gum, eucalyptus, wild rosemary and subtle notes of lemon myrtle) make this a truly exceptional candle with wide appeal. Equally favoured by men and women, this candle makes a wonderful gift in that it can work in bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

No.7          ‘wild berry, green tea + precious woods’

'The truth of it is in the feel of it, not the think of it.'  Stanley Kubrick
Equally described as fresh and delicious, as it is warm and grounded, this offering is already proving a winner. Long walks through abundant fields filled with flowers and all the wildberries you could wish for, the smell of fresh clean rain given over by the green tea, with all the romance and depth of precious woods bringing this to a perfectly balanced finish. An all-round bouquet for the senses, this scent is surprising, yet familiar at the same time.

No.8           ‘lemon blossom, cananga + bergamot’

'Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.'   Buddha
Our luscious sweet lemon blossom overlaid with the exquisite scent of the cananga flower cut through with the sharp citrus of the bergamot make this a high layered candle, each scent perfectly blended yet individual in their unique fragrances. A clean sharp yet well rounded candle, perfect for citrus lovers that like something a little different and a little elegant.

No.9           ‘kakadu plum, pepper, lime + bush cucumber'

'A self that goes on changing, is a self that goes on living.'   Virginia Woolf
The fruity freshness of the Kakadu plum blended with bush cucumber and lime, grounded and muddled with the black pepper, make this a delivery of the best kind. Edible in its first impression, but perfumed in its follow through, this new offering is intriguing in its familiarity. Like a treasured childhood memory, a dinner party, or your favourite view from the porch, this scent offers something for everyone in its addition to your own story. It's a family favourite, and a private indulgence all the same.

No.10        ‘rose incense, amber, smoked orris + narcissus’

'Real change, enduring change; happens one step at a time..'   RElizabeth Edwards
This one is both highly exotic, with warm smoky tones of nag champa and amber resins infused with the depth of smoked orris and  the sweetness of rose and narcissus flowers. This scent takes you to places you can only dream of...or remember if you were lucky enough to go there. Meditative, nostalgic and inspiring in the same delivery, this is a scent for the deeply thoughtful.

No.11         ‘bourbon vanilla, tonka + sandalwood’

Oh mirror in the sky, what is love? Can the child in my heart rise above?   Stevie Nicks
The deep, smoky and sultry warmth of bourbon vanilla is making this a clear favourite. Tempered with tonka bean to round out the scent and sandalwood to ground and provide depth, this candle brings a warmth that is suitable in any space really. The tonka bean fused with vanilla make it warm and mildly foody for the kitchen, the bourbon gives it a deep and rich sultriness, and the sandalwood provides a depth to the base notes that make it woody and exotic – perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. If you love warm yet fresh, soft but powerful scents – you will LOVE this fragrance!

No.12         ‘ginger flower, patchouli + frangipani’

'I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.'   Nelson Mandela
For the longest time, customers have been asking that we do something with Frangipani – and we steadfastly refused until we found the PERFECT oil. We found it folks, and it’s incredible – there’s an authenticity and freshness to this fragrance that is breathtaking The deep full rounded smell of Ginger flower is a perfect partner for our Wild Frangipani, and the patchouli provides a rich base that cuts through the sweetness, but not altering the delicate and scent of the flowers. Perfect for those who appreciate floral scents, but are not fans of sickly sweets fragrances. You will appreciate the subtle layering, and the general beauty of this scent.

No.13         ‘gardenia + fresh basil’

'The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.'   Lao tzu
Since we first started Loobylou, a candle with Gardenia has been a high priority. It's a favourite flower of many, and we waited until we found the perfect oil that actually smelled like Gardenia! The beautiful pairing off fresh basil makes this scent clean yet well rounded, perfect for the true lovers of Gardenia. A wonderful fresh authentic scent that gently packs a punch - a wild contradiction...

No.14         ‘native wattle, sager flower + cannabis blossom'

'Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.'  Bob Marley
One word that continues to be used to describe this fragrance - nature. The wonderful fresh perfection of the elements coming together in a way that is fresh and new, yet ancient and timeless. It's impossible to dislike memories of laughter, bush walks, beach days - just as it is impossible to dislike this scent.. Truly one for everyone, the sweet freshness of life blossoming, and the heady surrounds of regeneration, life, hope make this a perfect gift or personal favourite. Australian, yet in the best and subtlest of ways.
The Classic, original collection comprised of 14 hand-blended fragrances in a monochrome design. Choose from Black on Black, or White on White, each vessel is finished with a custom-etched timber lid. True to our beginnings, each scent features a quote intended to inspire contemplation. Filled with our own unique scents, made from only quality materials. Classic.